World Museum of Mining

On the former site of the Orphan Girl Mine in Butte, you must visit a unique sprawling museum named as “World Museum of Mining”. World Museum of Mining preserves the rich historical legacy of mining, cultural heritage, and history of Butte. Museum of Mining educates the public to promote the significant mining heritage and tells the history of mining and its influence on the town of Butte.


World Museum of Mining is home to one of the world’s most productive silver mines of all time. Museum of Mining features exhibit buildings, displays, many artifacts to explore. The museum offers two underground mine tours to visitors at depths of 65 and 100 feet. The museum holds tons of history and wonders around the grounds. It includes many old buildings and memorabilia from the mining era.



  • Orphan Girl Mine Underground Tour: Go down to the 100 feet level to explore the depths of the Orphan Girl Mine. There is an opportunity to see Orphan Girl Vein and the real working of the mine to experience underground life. Orphan Girl Mine includes 50 buildings on 22 acres of land. The mine offers a headframe, hoist house, mining equipment, information on mines, and dozens of small items to explore.


  • Mini-Museums: World Museum of Mining features two mini-museums for fun. One of them is a mineral room with rocks and minerals collection from mine and the other consists of a collection of varying dolls and dollhouses to explore. Mini-Museum also offers a miniature area and some small gift shops to buy special gifts for a lifetime memory.
  • Museum of Mining Exhibits: World Museum of Mining is the hub of great historical and geologic exhibits. The exhibits provide knowledge about the material ores, history of the area, and technique of mining. There is an opportunity to explore the collection of mine finds and ores of material such as silver, copper, and zinc. It offers several historic buildings, lots of original equipment, and rich history of the mine.



  1. The World Museum of Mining was founded in 1963.
  2. The Museum of Mining is located on an actual mine yard, Orphan Girl Mine.


Activities: World Museum of Mining is a magnificent and informative museum with many exhibits, historic structures, artifacts, and memorials to visit. The museum offers an underground tour at depth of 100 feet to share information about underground mining and the hardship of underground miners. There is an opportunity to learn about the material ores, technique, and history of the area. Walkthrough interesting exhibits and a mining town for fun. Also, there are plenty of photographs that show the mining history.


What to Expect: Museum of Mining is the perfect site for a family outing. It includes a memorial, underground mining tours, a variety of mining techniques and equipment to explore. Experience the fascinating history of the museum which shares the rich history of the area and displays the mining finds. You can see the Hoist House and the cages of the miners. You can also learn about the mining history and mining town.


Plan your visit: Museum of Mining is a non-profit corporation that opens all days until October ends with limited hours in November. Visit this great museum with kids to enjoy historical information and geologic insights. Experience evolution of mining, difficulties, and challenges of the underground miners. Every day from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm it remains open for the guests. The best part is that admission is free for the guests and visitors.

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