Great Lakes Aquarium

Do you have any touch pool experience before? Here in Duluth, visit the city’s iconic destination, Great Lakes Aquarium filled with lots of adventure that await in Minnesota’s land. The aquarium has everything you want to see that lives in water. The aquarium is a resident of more than 1500 animals and 250 species, containing the largest tank of 85000 US gallon water capacity and main habitats in the Lake Superior basin. Spreads over 1.5 acres, the aquarium has many permanent fixtures and rotating exhibits, including slow-moving river habitats, North American river otters, freshwater creatures from the Amazon River (the largest river in the world), the sturgeon touch pool to touch and feed, bald eagle, Turkey vultures, variety of invertebrates, and their invasive species from around the world. Great Lake Aquarium is located at the picturesque Duluth waterfront, offering incredible harbor views. The aquarium holds the freshwater ecosystem and underwater universe, inspiring people to experience the connections with the aquatic world and focusing on conservation issues.

Merrill Lynch Fine Arts Gallery

With local and national artists’ arts, the gallery showcases eye-catching paintings and artworks to immerse in history and colorful drawings. Pause at the rotating gallery and observe the beauty and wonders of nature. If you are an art lover, the fine art gallery is open for you to stroll around and have a vista of exciting art and paintings.


Critter Corner

 How do moon jellies play and behave? The Critter Corner’s exhibits provide opportunities to see the floating jellyfish species. The Critter Corner includes a touch pool for offering to touch jellies and explore the diversity of the water life (moon jellies to turtles). The exhibition offers many educational programs and hands-on interpretive events, showcasing resident reptiles and aquatic characters.

Isle Royale

 As the name, Isle Royale suggests that it is an excellent 85000 US gallon water exhibit that includes various species of fish, trout, and lake sturgeon found in the Great Lake. Isle Royale features native Lake Superior fishes, Lake Michigan’s aquatic community, and other habitats. Isle Royale is a two-story exhibit over the first floor to get up close in the window, feed the trout, and see water predators swirl overhead.

Facts: –

  1. Great Lakes Aquarium opened on July 29, 2000, in Duluth.
  2. The aquarium encompasses1.5 acres of floor space and 250 species of animal habitats.

Activities: – Great Lake Aquarium has a variety of species of aquatic animals found in the world, including cultural exhibits, interpretive exhibits, a tidepool experience, a history center to explore the historical stories and facts, and rotating exhibits of sea creatures and land animals to explore. Take a closer look around the aquarium enriched with the eagle, Horus, and learn about the birds. The aquarium is home to more than hundreds of species of amphibians, reptiles, dolphins, and other colorful cichlids in the Amazing Amazon exhibit, showcasing the animal kingdom to familiarize with it.

What to expect: – Great Lake Aquarium has water animals from the largest river and lakes and is founded in the world at the incredible depth of tide pools, featuring science wonders, discover techniques and hands-on displays at the art gallery. You can come face to face with a diversity of animals found in the Amazon River and other native species and learn about their adaptive ecosystems. There are various educational programs, special party spaces, and tropical fishes to explore. See hand-feeding to bottom fishes by scuba driving.

Plan your visit: – Great Lakes Aquarium opens seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. Take a step into the Amazon River and learn about your favorite river animals. The entry fees for adults are $16.50, $13.50 for seniors 62 plus, $12.50 for youth (13-17), and free for 2 and below. Experience first-class sensory immersion through exhibits and art galleries! View the upper and bottom fishes from many different angles!

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