Mount Simon Park

Mount Simon Park is a popular recreational area located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, the park offers a range of outdoor activities and facilities. You get to see a variety of plant and animal species here. The park's forests and wetlands provide a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, fox, reindeer, and beaver. Millions of people visit this magnificent park every year.


 Natural Areas of Park

The serene natural environment and beautiful landscape add to the beauty of the park. You get to see lush green trees, and different types of plants and animal species in the park. Nature enthusiasts must visit this place. If you want to enjoy water activities, head to the Chippewa River at Mount Simon Park.

Hiking and mountain biking trails

 Filled with unique features, the park has several miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. The trails pass through forests, hills, and river banks. The trails are great fun for hikers and bikers. Apart from the long trails, this park has several playgrounds for children of all ages. Visitors can enjoy hiking the trails and participate in sports such as the disc golf course.

Events of the Park

Apart from being a recreational destination for tourists, the park is also the venue for many events. Special events throughout the year include the Summer Concert Series, Winter Wonderland, Nature Walk, All Festival, and more. The Summer Concert Series features local musicians performing a variety of genres including folk, rock, and country. The Fall Festival is organized to mark the change of seasons. The festival includes pumpkin carving, apple rider, and other activities.


  1. This popular park in the USA is also known as Mount Simon Sandstone.
  2. Located on the banks of the Chippewa River, this park in Eau Claire is spread over 160 acres of land.

Activities:-There are a variety of recreational activities and many attractions to do and see in this park. The park offers many activities for visitors of all ages, from hiking and fishing to camping and picnicking. You can catch different types of fish in the river here. Take in spectacular views of the Chippewa River and surrounding countryside by hiking the many trails that wind through the hills and vents of the park. Have tons of fun at picnic areas located at scenic spots throughout the park.

What to expect:-Mount Simon Park is a great place to visit for anyone seeking outdoor recreation and natural beauty. You can spot a variety of wildlife here, including deer, monkeys, squirrels, foxes, and a variety of birds. Apart from this, you can see turtles, frogs, and other small animals here. Take part in the best events that the guests have to offer. Take part in the fishing tournament and learn about the flora and fauna of the natural park during nature walks

Plan to visit:- Be sure to visit this wonderful park in Wisconsin with your family, kids, and friends to take in outdoor fun, music, and a wealth of nature. It is open to tourists all day. Here you can enter from Wednesday to Tuesday from 4:00 am to 11:00 am. Be sure to visit this amusement park that attracts visitors from all over the region.





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