Chapel of the Holy Cross

You can indeed get into a meditative state anywhere you want, but sometimes a holy place with good vibes will push you 10 times deeper. One such place where you will surely feel calm relaxed and meditative is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It is located in Sedona, Arizona. The beauty of this place is picturesque throughout your journey. On the top of a small red rock hill, that is close to the city and at the same time feels like you have come out of the chaotic roads. This chapel is inaugurated in 1956. It is one of the top places in the US and also very relevant to the religious sentiment of the people of the US.


The Peaceful Vibe

The moment you are here, you are likely to connect with the positive & peaceful vibe. At the top of the mountain on entering the chapel, you will be in awe. The statue of Christ is so reflective of all the qualities he stands for and his life.

The Art

Chapel of the Holy Cross is also popular for its art. The statue of Christ with the cross and a tree of life behind him is mesmerizing. It is 33ft tall and is sculptured by James N. Nuir. This piece of Christ is made of bronze so that it can last for 100 years.


Thinking of a great destination to get married this year? You have it now, the Chapel of the Holy Cross also hosts weddings. This place is that will add on more memories and will be special for the guests as well. Any couple who can get married at a catholic church can also marry at the Chapel of Holy Cross.



  1. The architect of the Chapel of the Holy Cross was Richard Hein and the design was executed by August k. Streitz.
  2. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was built in 18 months at the cost of US $ 300,000 and the site was completed in 1956.



The more time you spent here the deeper is your connection with the beauty of this place. Time will fly easily here. The Saint John Vianney Gift Shop is located on the lower floor and it is open from 10 am to 5 pm. It is an amazing store with all the items that can be so enriching and a reminder of the lord in the day to day life. When you are here you are going to love this store. The gift shop at the Chapel of the Holy cross is open on all days of the week.


What to expect

Chapel of the holy cross is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. In case you are booking this place for a wedding the place will be open after 5 pm for you and your guests. You can check the price list for booking the Chapel of Holy Cross on the website. You can apply for a marriage certificate at the County Court House in Prescott, AZ, or at the Clerk of the Superior Court in Camp Verde.


Plan your Visit

The best time to plan a visit here is when the sun is burning down low. This place is open for weddings through mid-October through November and March through May. The Chapel of the Holy Cross has an ample amount of space for parking.

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