Kill Kare State Park

Kill Kare State Park in Saint Albans, Vermont, United States. It welcomes guests with boat launches, canoe, kayak rentals, a swimming area, grills, and picnic tables. Tourists come here and enjoy their holidays to the fullest. This amusement park in Saint Albans attracts millions of people every year. Make sure to visit the park that houses the Rocky Point House Museum.



Events of Kill Kare State Park

Kill Kare Park hosts a variety of festivals and events annually depending on the season for its visiting guests. Children’s programs are also specially organized here. Attend and watch great events here, such as Fairfans, infant and toddler playgroups, and Sing along with Linda Bassick. It never disappoints its guests.

Natural areas of this park

The scenic view of this park in Saint Albans gives a very pleasant experience. Surrounded by the waters of Lake Champlain on three sides, this place attracts a lot of guests. The wonderful setting of this park that hosts the Island Runner ferry gives you a lovely feel of the cool breeze during the summer season. Also known for its grounds and beautiful gardens, this park is a must-visit for activities like fishing, boating, and excellent swimming.

Champlain Lake Off Kill Kare State Park

Surrounded by Lake Champlain on three sides, the view of this park is quite picturesque. Along with being home to 318 species of birds, it is spread over a length of 120 miles. There are more than 90 species of fish in the lake. Consider coming here for hiking and walking tours.


  1. The park is administered by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation.
  2. The state park is named after Kill kare, a summer camp for boys.


Activities:-There are many interesting things to see and experience during your visit. As a recreation center, the park offers you a range of activities like picnicking, boating, swimming, and many more. Standup paddle boards and canoes are available for rent here. Take a tour of the park, which features picnic pavilions, tables with grills, meeting rooms that can seat up to 22 people, and picnic spots throughout the park. Here you will also find a toilet and flush toilet with cold and hot water so that the guests do not face any kind of inconvenience.

What to expect:-Presented by Parks, Forest, and Recreation, a visit to this park is truly an adventure. This is a lovely park situated by the lake that holds sandy areas. It is great fun to watch the waves and passenger ferries come and go. One of the best places for picnic, windsurfing, and watching the sunset. Be prepared to arrive at this wonderful place to view and hike Lake Champlain. Also, visit a museum in the park which throws light on its history. Look at the lake with floating green things and rocky shores.

Plan to visit:-Make sure to visit here with your kids, friends, and family to go horse riding, play volleyball, jump over rocks, and roam the beautiful lands of the park. Comfortable travel and wonderful views are seen here. The park is open for 12 months of the year to serve the guests. You can enter the park anytime and parking is free.

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