The Gonic Trails

Explore Rochester’s most hiked trails in the seacoast that offers diverse experiences in all seasons. At Mount Isinglass Recreational Area on Rochester Neck Road, Gonic Trails are three separate trails winding through a forest area that includes many wildflower fields and evergreen trees. Waste Management owned the trails and preserved the natural beauty of wooded trails. The trails include several signs for visitors to hike, bike, and overlook wildlife, offering beautiful pathways maintained by Turnkey Recycling & Environment Enterprises of Waste Management. Bring your dog (on a leash) for an evening walk and morning jog! The trails have remarkable settings of wonders within forest property, including Locke’s Local Loop, Watson’s Way, and Luanne’s Lane are combined and named the Gonic Trails. The recreation area is a famous location for exploring nature and learning new skills, offering lots of water views, natural scenery, and beautiful pathways for walking where you will never be bored.


Yellow Trail

 Colored or marked with yellow color, the yellow trail makes the Gonic Trails fun and reminders why visitors love it. Explore the beauty of the trail and get in touch with nature. The trail leads straight to the waterfall that connects visitors with water features. Enjoy swimming, fishing, watching water flowing through giant rocks in whitish color, and playing in the water. Listen to the sound of flowing water.

Red Trail

The red-colored trails are simply a recreational stroll to enjoy photography of nature, including green spaces, little plants and insects, large trees, and water views. The red trail is easy and mostly flat, the most appropriate for beginners in hiking, biking, and jogging. In winter, the trail system is the best for winter sports like snowshoeing and skating on ice.

The Waterfall

 Meet at a gorgeous waterfall on the trails that run along the Isinglass River, the Waterfall is the gem of the Gonic Trails, where guests can enjoy water views and photography with the waterfall, which makes the photo fascinating. The Waterfall is a scenic natural setting in the center of trails, offering fishing, swimming, kayaking, and playing in the water.

Facts: –

  1. The Gonic Trails are the combination of three trails in Rochester, property of the Waste Management of the City.
  2. With almost 5 miles of trails, the Gonic Trails are nicknamed blue, red, and yellow.

Activities: – In the state of Rochester, the Gonic Trails is located on Waste Management land with many opportunities based on fun, adventure, and knowledge. Follow the way around the three trails, each marked with different colors as blue, red, and yellow to help visitors for easy access. The trails provide a worthy experience of hiking, mountain biking, and sightseeing. Stroll around the Trails with your friends, watch the sunlight coming through the deciduous trees, and relax in a refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy picnicking, camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and watching the river views along the trail.

What to expect: – With multiple opportunities to take a loop, the Gonic Trails has wide and easy-to-moderate pathways to explore the area. You can take a walk on the yellow trail to approach the waterfall. There are many signs presenting directions and updates to know about the pathways. You can enjoy a scenic hike on trails in seacoast New Hampshire and enjoy waterfall views. Experience plenty of recreational fun and adventure with lots of water activities, including boating, kayaking, and fishing. Go for a walk on differently marked trails that highlight water features and the beauty of waterfalls to see with your dogs.

Plan your visit: – you can come here all year round with family and friends to visit from 7 am to 6 pm. Experience each trail in downtown Rochester for fall leaf-peeing and winter snowshoeing. A stunning location, the Gonic Trails is a remarkable property of the city to beat the heat, and feature many hiking opportunities for hikers of all skill levels.

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